Sins of the Father

Want Not

If you enjoy epic love stories that shine a light in perpetual darkness, don’t miss this romantic thriller.

From the womb, you are owned. You are signed away before your first breath. You are called beautiful. Like it means something important. Like it would get you a kind husband. Or one less cruel.

As much as you try to model perfect obedience, your mother looks less happy as you grow. She has secrets. She keeps them with her. You forget what she looked like when she was happy.

But you remember why she’s not there for your wedding, and you will do anything to honor her memory.


But first acts of rebellion open doors that are best left closed.

Until him. Until he walked through your door. Your savior.

But how can you truly love when you only know obedience?

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Take Not

Exclusive Author’s Cut.

Book Three: To Be Wished.

Book Four: Insolence

James Agnesson is a multitasker. He can juggle all sorts of sins.

Jared struggles with his growing possession of Shula, and wonders if it’s nature or nurture.

Jude edges on madness, not knowing Clara’s fate and what he can truly do about it.

Clara and Raphe learn to live in close quarters with unexpected results.

And we meet Josiah Agnesson, third son. He’s traveled out of Texas to spread the Good News. Aptly named Eve is clearly God-sent, and Josiah intends to keep her. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Hold on tight, y’all. Yeehaw! *pew pew*

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Fear Not

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This is going to hurt. And I’m sorry, but it needs to.

We know so little of love. We place it safe in our palms, away from the eyes of everyone else. We consult it briefly when a child is born, but squeeze it tighter in our fists to hide it from onlookers.

Hate, we open our fists for. We insult and physically harm without thought. We turn into generous creatures, giving of ourselves far more than we might have had we just known love. We change the very definitions of love and hate when we don’t want to face our own sins. Of which we have many. But we’re allowed to keep those to ourselves.

This is the story of Ezra Vasher. He loved passionately. Instinctively.

It didn’t matter. We need to remember. We need not forget.

By the end, what color will your heart be?

Very adult themes.

Set in secessionist Texas. A part of the Lethe. Æther. Chaos. universe, but is a standalone.

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Sodomite: Special Edition (Suffer Not)

Special edition including Sodomite, Want Not, and Lazarus.
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