I’m obsessed with her.
I watch her.
I follow her.
To see her lips move when she talks on the phone.
To see her take down her hair while no one else is watching.
I want to taste her.
Down to her marrow.
Write her onto every cell.
Change the paths of every synapse.
Inhale her.
Convert oxygen into an undiscovered state of matter.
But I’d consume her.
And I could never.
Would never tell her.

Evan takes us on a lustful journey of near obsession, past the normal niceties of sex and romance, and into the intricate mind of Jefferson Rainier. A mind both complex and simple. He has Asperger Syndrome, and knows all the rules, but doesn’t always understand them.

Evangeline Monroe was looking for more in her life, but was unconvinced there was such a thing. She was bored, and unnecessarily jaded. But, she’d try anything once; twice if you begged.

Jefferson Rainier turned out to be a force that was almost too hard for her to handle. It changed her very definition of love.


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