Dishabille Sextet


Crisp white shirt.

Fluorescent glare from his watch as he adjusts his tie.

He looks smart. He might be. Whoever he is.

But it’s the guy behind him on his knees plugging in a vintage IBM who is the smart one.

Like, really smart. If he wasn’t, they wouldn’t call him so much to fix what they can’t.

Did I mention he’s a genius?

He drives a sensible car. He’s nice to his sister. He can look after himself.

But even with poor impulse control and severe ADHD, he worships me.



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Black corset.

Red lips.

She could have her pick.

Maybe she hasn’t scraped the bottom of the barrel, though I don’t think I’m at the very bottom.

I mean, I see the bottom, but I’m not there. Yet.

At least, I think this is the bottom. And a barrel.

But maybe I should get it together.

She sees me.

I am seen.

Either way, I’m a fool.

I may as well enjoy myself.
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Evan Monroe was looking for more in her life, but was unconvinced there was such a thing. She was bored, and unnecessarily jaded. But, she’d try anything once; twice if you begged.

Jeff Rainier turned out to be a force that was almost too hard for her to handle.




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Your mama would call me a whore.
I am not.
I don’t need the money.
I just liked a good fuc seein’ to. To be known, Old Testament-style.
I’m a psychiatrist with a specialty in sex, and collecting data doesn’t end when I shut my office door.
And I’ll use any old excuse to justify my reckless behavior.
But it’s a small world, and sometimes past lovers fall into your lap. (Literally.)
Ones that ripped your heart from your chest.
I don’t know if I want it.
I don’t know if my heart will let me have it.
I don’t know if I will catch fire, tear my thrumming stitches, or drown.
It doesn’t matter. Because motherfuc Tyrone is coming with me.
He might not wish he did.
He might want to run.



“Healthy” people want to fall in love, have 2.5 kids, pets, and dinner in front of the television.
“Well-adjusted” people certainly don’t play dangerous games.
She thinks I’m healthy.
She thinks I’m well-adjusted.
She’s trying to test me.
She’s trying to break me.
She’s adorable.
With the reddest ass this side of anyone’s belt.
The funny thing is…she won’t stop calling me Daddy now.

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Cover and Synopsis coming soon!

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